The 6th Image Guided Therapy Workshop was successfully held on March 21-23, 2013 with 99 registered attendees. The topic for this year was Interventional applications for a changing healthcare environment. The meeting was held in conjunction with SMIT (Society for Medical Innovation and Technology). The program was divided into 9 oral sessions and a poster session. It included 46 talks and 40 poster presentations. The NCIGT/NIH portion of the workshop consisted of 7 oral sessions (Cardiac; Pelvis; Robotics; NIH (NCI, NIBIB) Programs Directions; Intra-Operative, Optical, Fluorescent Imaging and Medical Image Computing). The SMIT section consisted of a session each on Emerging Technologies for Minimally Invasive Interventions and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. There was a combined poster session with 40 poster presentations. On March 23rd, there was a tour of the operating rooms at CNMC (Children’s National Medical Center) and the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Pediatric Surgical Innovation.

Proceedings of the Workshop are available for download (in pdf format)  here.

Date and Venue

Date: March 21-23, 2013.

Venue: We have a block of rooms booked at the conference hotel, the DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC in Crystal City, VA at the rate of $189.00 USD/night plus tax. A limited number of rooms at $109.00 USD/night is available for Friday. Use the link to book at group rate, or use group code IGM. This rate will be available until 28 February 2013. You can also call Reservations at 1-800-222-8733 and ask for the “Image Guided Therapy Workshop” Room Block (group code IGM).

Hotel Contact Information

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Washington DC-Crystal City,
300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22202
Phone: 1.703.416.4100

Registration Link

The registration fee for this event is $300. All speakers, poster presenters, and attendees must register using this link.


Thursday, March 21, 2013
Salon A
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Washington DC-Crystal City, VA
 9:00 AMRegistration Opens, with Coffee
 10:00-10:10 AMOpening RemarksFerenc Jolesz, MD, Harvard Medical School
 10:10-10:30 AMA Novel Multimodal Nanoparticle Platform for Combined Diagnostic and Intraoperative Cancer ImagingMoritz Kircher, MD, PhD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
SESSION I: Cardiac
Session Chair:
Ehud Schmidt, PhD
10:30 AMMRI-guided Atrial-Fibrillation Radio-Frequency Ablation in Humans: What’s Accomplished & Hurdles that Remain towards Practical ProceduresEhud Schmidt, PhD, Harvard Medical School
10:45 AMAccelerated MRI Acquisition and Reconstruction for Cardiovascular InterventionsMichael Hansen, PhD, NHLBI Intramural
11:00 AMUtility of MRI for Complex VT AblationsSaman Nazarian, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins
11:15 AMMRI-guided Cardiovascular Interventions: The NIH ExperienceAnthony Faranesh, PhD, NHLBI Intramural
11:30 AMChallenges and Promises of CMR Roadmap for ElectrophysiologyReza Nazafat, PhD, Harvard Medical School
11:45 AMEndovascular Catheter for Magnetic Navigation under MRI Guidance: Evaluation of Safety In Vivo at 1.5TSteven Hetts, MD, University of California San Francisco
 12:00-1:30 PMBuffet Lunch and Poster Session | Lincoln Hall
Session Chair:
Clare Tempany, MD
1:30 PM3T MR-guided Prostate Interventions at Brigham and Women's HospitalClare Tempany, MD, Harvard Medical School
1:45 PMMR/US Fusion Biopsy of the ProstatePeter Choyke, MD, NIH
2:00 PMIn vivo Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) Elasticity Imaging of ProstateKathy Nightingale, PhD, Duke University
2:15 PMA PET-directed, 3D Ultrasound-guided Biopsy SystemFei Baowei, PhD, Emory
2:30 PMReal-time Catheter Tracking and Visualization in 3-T MR-Guided BrachytherapyAkila Viswanathan, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
 2:45-3:30 PMBreak and Poster Session | Lincoln Hall
Session Chair:
Noby Hata, PhD
3:30 PMClinical Implementation of a Smart Template for 3T MRI-guided Transperineal Targeted Prostate BiopsyNoby Hata, PhD, Harvard Medical School
3:45 PMMedical Robotics and Computer-Integrated Interventional MedicineRuss Taylor, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
4:00 PMTowards Robot-Assisted Neurosurgery Under Continuous MRIJaydev Desai, PhD, University of Maryland
4:15 PMAdvanced Biophotonics for Robotic Image-guidance of Brain Surgery PhantomsEric Seibel, PhD, University of Washington
4:30 PMImage-guided Robotic Surgery Inside the Beating HeartPierre Dupont, PhD, Children's Hospital, Boston
4:45 PMIntegrated 3D Tracked Ultrasound Image Guided Steerable Needle Directionally-conformable Therapeutic Ultrasound Minimally-invasive Interventional TherapyClif Burdette, PhD, Acoustic Medical Inc.
 5:00-7:30 PMBuffet Dinner and Poster Session | Lincoln Hall
Friday, March 22, 2013
Salon A
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Washington DC-Crystal City, VA
 7:30-8:00 AMBreakfast | Lincoln Hall
SESSION IV: NIH (NCI, NIBIB) Programs Directions
8:00 AMNCI Initiatives in Image-Guided InterventionsKeyvan Farahani, PhD, NCI
8:15 AMNIBIB DirectionsSteve Krosnick, MD, NIH/NIBIB
SESSION V: Intra-Operative, Optical, Fluorescent Imaging
Session Chair:
Keyvan Farahani, PhD
8:30 AMFluorescence Image-Guided Surgery of NervesChristina Tan Hehir, PhD, GE Research
8:50 AMIn-situ Augmentation for Image-Guided MicrosurgeryJohn Galeotti, PhD and George Stetten, MD, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
9:10 AMQuantitative Endoscopy for High Accuracy NavigationGreg Hager, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
9:30 AMImproved MR Thermometry Processing for MR-guided FUS in the BrainKim Butts Pauly, PhD, Stanford University
9:50 AMUltrasound Registration and Visualization for NeuronavigationMatthew Toews, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
10:10 AMMotion-tracked Thermometry and Relaxometry using a US-MRI Hybrid AcquisitionBruno Madore, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital
 10:30-11:00 AMBreak | Lincoln Hall
SESSION VI: Medical Image Computing
Session Chair:
Ron Kikinis, MD
11:00 AMPrototyping Clinical Applications with the Public Library for Ultrasound (PLUS) Toolkit and 3D SlicerGabor Fichtinger, PhD, Queens University
11:20 AMNeuroimage Analysis for Intra-Procedural ImagingSteve Pieper, PhD, Isomics, Inc.
11:40 AMEmerging CT-imaging Technology and its Implications to Image-guided TherapyXiaochun Pan, PhD, Chicago Cancer Center
 12:00-1:30 PMBuffet Lunch and Poster Session | Lincoln Hall
SMIT 25th Anniversary Opening Session:
Emerging Technologies for Minimally Invasive Interventions
1:30 PMImproving Surgical OutcomesPaul Wetter, MD, Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons
1:50 PMInnovations in Information-Intensive Interventions: MRI-guided ProceduresJonathan Lewin, MD, Johns Hopkins University
2:10 PMAdvanced Mapping for Cardiac InterventionsMarek Orban, MD, ICRC Brno. Czech Republic & TBN, Mayo Clinic Rochester
2:30 PMUltrasound-Guided InterventionsPurang Abolmaesumi, PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada
2:50 PMNavigation and Ultrasound Guided TherapyThomas Langø, PhD, Trondheim
3:10 PMImaging RoboticsGernot Kronreif, PhD, Austrian Center for Medically Innovative Technology
 3:30-4:00 PMBreak | Lincoln Hall
SMIT Session II:
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
4:00 PMState of the Art of Brain FUSNeal Kassell, MD, University of Virginia, Focused Ultrasound Foundation
4:24 PMNovel Clinical ApplicationArik Hananel, MD, Focused Ultrasound Foundation
4:48 PMHIFU Potential for PediatricsPeter Kim, MD, Children’s National Medical Center
5:12 PMFUS Mediated Targeted Drug DeliveryBrad Wood, MD, NIH Clinical Center
5:36 PMFUS and BeyondAndreas Melzer, MD, University of Dundee
 6:00 PMOptional Self-Pay Group Dinner in Crystal City

Saturday, March 23

  • 8:30 am: Bus Pickup at DoubleTree Hotel for Children's National Medical Center
  • 9:00 am: Arrive Children’s, coffee service available in lobby
  • 9:30 am: Overview of pediatric procedures and research: auditorium
    • Orthopedics: Matthew Oetgen, MD
    • Interventional Cardiology: Josh Kanter, MD
    • Interventional Radiology: Karun Sharma, MD, PhD
    • Robotic Urological Surgery: Amy Burns, MD
    • Laparoscopic Surgery: Tim Kane, MD
    • ENT Surgery: Diego Preciado, MD
  • 11:30 am-12:50 pm: Children’s tours by rotating groups
    • Group 1: Operating rooms
      • Siemens Zeego
      • Da Vinci Robot
    • Group 2: Pain Clinic
    • Group 3: Sheikh Zayed Institute
      • STAR Robot
      • Bioengineering Lab
  • 12:50-1:30pm: Buffet Lunch on 6th Floor Atrium
  • 1:30 pm: Bus return to DoubleTree
  • Optional: Afternoon Museum Tour (free)

Poster Presentations

All posters will be presented during each of the poster sessions of the meeting.


  1. Anand Patel, Erin Yee, Aaron Losey, Prasheel Lillaney, Mark Wilson and Steven Hetts. Intravenous Chemotherapy Filter (ChemoFilter): Prototype and In-vitro Proof-of-Concept of a Novel Device for High Dose Intra-arterial Chemotherapy Delivery
  2. Carlos Mendoza, Xin Kang, Nabile Safdar, Craig Peters and Marius George Linguraru. Semi-Automatic Kidney Quantification for Surgical Decision Making in Hydronephrosis
  3. Cheng Hong, Sheng Xu, Ankur Kapoor, Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh, Kimberly Imbesi, Charisse Garcia, Aradhana Venkatesan, Elliot Levy, Richard Chang and Bradford Wood. Methods for assisting Needle Angle Selection during CT-guided Biopsies
  4. Everette Burdette and Goutam Ghoshal. In vivo treatment of pig liver using Steerable Needle Therapeutic Ultrasound with Combined Imaging and Electromagnetic Tracking System
  5. Rahul Khare, Kevin Cleary, Linan Zhang, Emmanuel Wilson, Patrick Cheng and Craig Peters. Towards a Framework for Robotically Assisted Ureteroscopy
  6. Marco Beccani, Christian Di Natali, Mark Rentschler and Pietro Valdastri. Proof of Concept of Wireless Tissue Palpation in Abdominal Surgery
  7. Andrew Holbrook and Kim Butts Pauly. MR-guided Focused Ultrasound System for Continuous Breathing Liver Ablation

Brain, Head and Neck, Eye

  1. Jacqueline Esthappan, Yanle Hu and Perry Grigsby. MR-Guided Episcleral Plaque Brachytherapy for Uveal Melanoma
  2. Steven Hetts, Alastair Martin, Christopher Dowd, Van Halbach, Randall Higashida, Michael McDermott and David Saloner. Intraarterial MR Perfusion Imaging of Meningiomas: Comparison to Digital Subtraction Angiography
  3. Benjamin Grabow, Raghu Raghavan, Martin Brady, Ken Kubota, Chris Ross, Ethan Brodsky, James Raschke, Andrew Alexander and Walter Block. Systematic Investigation of Convection-enhanced Delivery Infusion Protocols and Catheters Using Real-time MRI
  4. Lauren O'Donnell, Jiaolong Cui, Neelan Marianayagam, Kelly Doolin, Isaiah Norton, Yanmei Tie, Laura Rigolo, Alexandra J. Golby. Single vs. Multiple Tensor Diffusion Tractography: Which is Better Correlated with Function?
  5. Wen Li, William Plishker, Junghoon Lee, John Wong and Raj Shekhar. Subminute Deformable Image Registration for Image-guided Radiation Therapy


  1. Aaron D. Losey, Alastair J. Martin, Prasheel Lillaney, Erin J. Yee, Mark W. Wilson, Maythem Saeed, Loi Do and Steven W. Hetts. Development of a Novel Vascular Phantom for Navigation Testing in Interventional MRI
  2. Aaron Losey, Prasheel Lillaney, Alastair J. Martin, Mark Wilson, Maythem Saeed, Erin J. Yee and Steven Hetts. An Evaluation of RF Heating in a Nitinol Braided Endovascular Catheter at 1.5T and 3T
  3. Christopher Haggerty, Maria Restrepo, Kirk Kanter, Timothy Slesnick, Jarek Rossignac, Thomas Spray, Mark Fogel and Ajit Yoganathan. Image-Based Computational Simulations for Patient-Specific Fontan Surgery Planning
  4. Alastair Martin, Prasheel Lillaney, Fabio Settecase, Lee Evans, Mark Wilson and Steven Hetts. Intra-Arterial MRA based Roadmapping for Magnetically-Assisted Remote Control Catheter Tracking
  5. Prasheel Lillaney, Vincent Malba, Lelande Evans, Anthony Bernhardt, Mark Wilson, Timothy Roberts, Alastair Martin, Maythem Saeed, Ronald Arenson and Steven Hetts. Catheters for Interventional MR: Fabrication of Micro-Coils for Catheter Tip Deflection
  6. Martin Rajchl, Feng P. Li, John Moore, Chris Wedlake, Usaf Aladl and Terry M. Peters. Feature Tracking for Image-guided Mitral Valve Repair
  7. Feng Li, Martin Rajchl, John Moore, Chris Wedlake and Terry Peters. CT-Enhanced Ultrasound for Guidance of Off-pump Beating Heart Interventions


  1. Jan Egger, Tina Kapur, Bernd Freisleben and Christopher Nimsky. Interactive Real-Time Segmentation for Vertebral Bodies and Intervertebral Discs in Sagittal Planes
  2. Roberto Blanco Sequeiros, Matti Vähäkari, Risto Ojala, Pekka Kerimaa, Jussi Korhonen, Juha Jaakko Sinikumpu and Osmo Tervonen. Osteochodritis Dissecans of the Knee; MRI Guided Retrograde Drilling at 1.5 T and First Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Patients.
  3. Everette Burdette and Goutam Ghoshal. In-vivo Treatment of Spine Tumors using Needle Based Therapeutic Ultrasound under Image Guidance with 3D Electromagnetic Tracking
  4. Elvis Chen and Terry Peters. An Integrated Ultrasound-guided, Magnetic-tracked, Spine Needle System
  5. Laura Bartha, Andras Lasso, Csaba Pinter, Tamas Ungi and Gabor Fichtinger. The Perk Tutor Training Platform Integrated with Simulated Ultrasound
  6. Manjunath Anand, Tamas Ungi, Andras Lasso, Paweena U-Thainual, Jagadeesan Jayender, Jan Fritz, John Carrino, Ferenc Jolesz and Gabor Fichtinger. Mobile Image Overlay sSystem for Image-guided Interventions


  1. Amir Tahmasebi, Reza Sharifi, Harsh Agarwal, Baris Turkbey, M Bernardo, Peter Choyke, Peter Pinto, Brad Wood and Jochen Kruecker. Deformable Registration of Prostate MRI using Statistical Deformation Modeling
  2. Perry Grigsby, Katie Fowler, Barry Siegel and Farrokh Dehdashti. Prospective Evaluation of Simultaneous PET/MRI and PET/CT in Cervical Cancer
  3. Reza Seifabadi, Esteban Escobar Gomez, Fereshteh Aalamifar, Gabor Fichtinger and Iulian Iordachita. Real-Time 3D Needle Shape Tracking Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Prostate Percutaneous Interventions
  4. Tobias Penzkofer, Kemal Tuncali, Andriy Fedorov, Junichi Tokuda, Sang-Eun Song, Fiona Fennessy, Nobuhiko Hata and Clare Tempany. Transperineal Prostate Biopsy: Update on Multireader, Multiparametric Navigated Interventions
  5. Robert Cormack. Preliminary Experience with a Software System to Enable MR-Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy of the Pelvis
  6. Andriy Fedorov, Andras Lasso, Mehdi Moradi, Emily Neubauer Sugar, Sang-Eun Song, Robert Owen, Tina Kapur, William M Wells, Paul Nguyen, Gabor Fichtinger and Clare Tempany. Towards Open Source Infrastructure for Joint MRI/TRUS Guided Prostate Interventions


  1. Santhi Elayaperumal, Mark Cutkosky and Bruce Daniel. Development of a Passive Master-Slave System for MR-Guided Interventions
  2. James Goldie, Kristen Leroy, Brendan Labrecque, Kevin Cleary, Emmanuel Wilson, Katherine Davenport and Daniel Swerdlow. Evaluation of Force, Torque, and Range of Motion Exhibited during Abdominal Ultrasound Exam of Phantom and Human Subjects to Set Requirements for Robot-assisted Ultrasound
  3. Bamshad Azizi Koutenaei, Risto Kojcev, Emmanuel Wilson, Kevin A. Gary, Nassir Navab and Kevin Cleary. Integrated and Teleoperated System for Wireless Robotic Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (R-NOTES)
  4. Yilun Koethe, Sheng Xu, Gnanasekar Velusamy, Bradford Wood and Aradhana Venkatesan. New Developments in Robotic Navigation and Guidance for Image-guided Interventions
  5. Sang-Eun Song, Kemal Tuncali, Junichi Tokuda, Andriy Fedorov, Tobias Penzkofer, Clare Tempany and Nobuhiko Hata. Preliminary Observations on MRI-guided Targeted Prostate Biopsy using a Smart Template
  6. Simon Leonard, Yonjae Kim, Carolyn Cochenour, Kyle Wu, Peter Kim and Axel Krieger. Smart Tissue Anastomosis Robot (STAR)


  1. Ren Hui Gong, Özgür Güler and Ziv Yaniv. Interactive Initialization for 2D/3D Intra-Operative Registration using the Microsoft Kinect
  2. Hasan Sen and Peter Kazanzides. Dynamic Tracking with Electromagnetic Systems Using Particle Filters
  3. Tamas Ungi, Junichi Tokuda, Adam Rankin, Andras Lasso and Gabor Fichtinger. Prototyping Image-guided Therapy Applications using the SlicerIGT Platform

Workshop Chairs

  • Ferenc Jolesz, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Clare Tempany, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Kevin Cleary, PhD, Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC
  • Andreas Melzer, MD, University of Dundee
  • Michael Marohn, MD, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Program Chairs

  • Tina Kapur, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Raj Shekhar, PhD, Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC
  • Keyvan Farahani, PhD, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD
  • Steven Krosnick, MD, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH, Bethesda, MD

Program Committee

  • Ron Kikinis, MD
  • William M. Wells, PhD
  • Alexandra Golby, MD
  • Noby Hata, PhD
  • Bruno Madore, PhD
  • Ehud Schmidt, PhD
  • Nathan McDannold, PhD
  • Andriy Fedorov, PhD
  • Marius Linguraru, PhD
  • Ziv Yaniv, PhD

Call for Poster Abstracts

Prospective attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts describing their research in image-guided therapy for consideration in the Oral and Poster Sessions of the workshop. Please note that the abstracts will be published in a workshop proceedings and made available publicly on the workshop website, so do not submit material that is not ready for public dissemination.

Abstracts should include Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s), and four sections: Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusions, identified by bold headers. Abstracts should be 1 page, submitted in acrobat pdf format, with 1-inch margins in size 11 Arial Font. All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee of the workshop for scientific merit and program relevance and assigned to either oral or poster (23"x33" Portrait format) presentation.

Submission site

Abstracts are due by February 8, 2013.

Important Dates

  • February 8, 2013: Abstract Submission Deadline
  • February 12, 2013: Author Notification
  • February 19, 2013: Early Registration Deadline (Required for Presenters)

Registered Attendees as of March 20, 2013.

1. Purang Abolmaesumi :: University of British Columbia
2. Manjunath Anand :: Queen's University
3. Bamshad Azizi :: Children's National Medical Center
4. Lauren Barber :: Harvard Medical School
5. Roberto Blanco Sequeiros :: Oulu University Hospital
6. Walter Block :: University of Wisconsin-Madison
7. Everette C Burdette :: Acoustic MedSystems, Inc.
8. Kim Butts Pauly :: Stanford University
9. Jacek Capala :: National Institutes of Health
10. Elvis Chen :: Robarts Research Institution
11. Peter Choyke :: National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health
12. Kevin Cleary :: Children's National Medical Center
13. Neal Clinthorne :: Xoran Technologies Inc.
14. Bahar Dasgeb :: National Institutes of Health
15. Jana Delfino :: Food and Drug Admin
16. Jaydev Desai :: University of Maryland College Park
17. Pierre Dupont :: Boston Children's Hospital
18. Santhi Elayaperumal :: Stanford University
19. Andinet Enquobahrie :: Kitware, Inc.
20. Greg Evans :: National Cancer Institute, SBIR Development Center
21. Keyvan Farahani :: National Institutes of Health
22. Anthony Faranesh :: National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
23. Andriy Fedorov :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
24. Baowei Fei :: Emory University
25. Gabor Fichtinger :: Queen's University
26. John Galeotti :: Carnegie Mellon University
27. Jason Geng :: Xigen LLC
28. Goutam Ghoshal :: Acoustic MedSystems, Inc.
29. Neil Glossop :: Queen's University
30. Alexandra Golby :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
31. Ren Hui Gong :: Children's National Medical Center
32. Perry Grigsby :: Washington University School of Medicine
33. Ozgur Guler :: Children's National Medical Center
34. Rao Gullapalli :: University of Maryland School of Medicine
35. Gregory Hager :: Johns Hopkins University
36. Michael Hansen :: National Institutes of Health
37. Nobuhiko Hata :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
38. Steven Hetts :: University of California San Francisco
39. David Holmes :: Mayo Clinic
40. Cheng Hong :: National Institutes of Health
41. Iulian Iordachita :: Johns Hopkins University
42. Ferenc Jolesz :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
43. Tina Kapur :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
44. Rahul Khare :: Children's National Medical Center
45. Ron Kikinis :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
46. Yilun Koethe :: National Institutes of Health
47. Doron Kopelman :: Emek Medical Center Israel
48. Daniel Kostro :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
49. Axel Krieger :: Children's National Medical Center
50. Gernot Kronreif :: Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT)
51. Steven Krosnick :: NIBIB/National Institutes of Health
52. Brendan LaBrecque :: Vivonics Inc.
53. Thomas Langø :: SINTEF
54. Andras Lasso :: Queen's University
55. Jonathan Lewin :: Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
56. Wen Li :: Children's National Medical Center
57. Senhu Li :: Xoran Technologies Inc.
58. Anlin Linan :: Children's National Medical Center
59. Marius George Linguraru :: Children's National Medical Center
60. Bruno Madore :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
61. Andreas Melzer :: IMSaT Dundee
62. Reza Monfaredi :: Children's National Medical Center
63. Deepa Narayanan :: National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health
64. Saman Nazarian :: Johns Hopkins Hospital
65. Reza Nezafat :: BIDMC & Harvard Medical School
66. Kathy Nightingale :: Duke University
67. Lauren O'Donnell :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
68. Marek Orban :: St. Anne's University Hospital Brno
69. Sunil Patil :: Siemens
70. Tobias Penzkofer :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
71. Terry Peters :: Robarts Research Institution
72. Steve Pieper :: Isomics, Inc.
73. Maria Restrepo :: Georgia Institute of Technology
74. Corey Ryan :: KUKA Robotics
75. Emam Saleh :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
76. Ehud Schmidt :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
77. Susan Scott :: Focused Ultrasound Foundation
78. Eric Seibel :: University of Washington
79. Reza Seifabadi :: Johns Hopkins University
80. Hasan Sen :: Johns Hopkins University
81. Azad Shademan :: Children's National Medical Center
82. Raj Shekhar :: Chidren's National Medical Center
83. George Stetten :: University of Pittsburgh/CMU Robotics
84. Yu Sun :: University of South Florida
85. Amir Tahmasebi :: Philips
86. Cristina Tan Hehir :: GE Global Research
87. Russell Taylor :: Johns Hopkins University
88. Clare Tempany :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
89. Matthew Toews :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
90. Tamas Ungi :: Queen's University
91. Pietro Valdastri :: Vanderbilt University
92. Akila Viswanathan :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
93. Cyrill von Tiesenhausen :: KUKA Laboratories GmbH
94. Wei Wang :: Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
95. Paul Wetter :: Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons'
96. Emmanuel Wilson :: Children's National Medical Center
97. Bradford Wood :: National Institutes of Health
98. Ziv Yaniv :: Children's National Medical Center
99. Pavel Yarmolenko :: National Institutes of Health