Andrey Fedorov

Dr. Andrey Fedorov

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Andrey Fedorov

My experience relevant to NCIGT includes demonstrated community leadership, track record of open source software development, commitment to open science and contribution to imaging biomarker development. As part of the NCI Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN) activities, I have been a co-chair of the QIN Bioinformatics & IT working group for two years. This experience exposed me very closely to the research projects and informatics needs of the QIN community. I have coordinated the use and development of 3D Slicer for the purposes of imaging biomarker by the BWH, MGH and Iowa QIN sites. My contributions to 3D Slicer software date back to 2008. Several modules that I developed have become part of 3D Slicer distribution, or are available as extensions of the software.  I am an investigator in the NCIGT Prostate TRD.

Contact Information

Surgical Planning Laboratory
Brigham and Women's Hospital
1249 Boylston St., Room 344
Boston, MA 02215